EnragedGames.com is the social hub for the Enraged Clan commonly found on Xbox live games. Playing a wide variety of competitive games including, but not limited to such games as Call of Duty, Gears of War, Halo, and Street Fighter. EnragedGames.com was founded to provide a wide assortment of services for its clan and community members. Our primary focus at the moment is to raise awareness of our clan and participate in Lan Tournaments. One of our goals is the become the top Clan in New York. We enjoy playing games 24/7 and we want to share this experience with others. EnragedGames was founded on September 12, 2011. We are from New York City. The majority of us are family, We want to bring what we love to do to your doorstep. Teamwork is our main objective in and  outside of the gaming world we want to focus on the youth and young adults to build a brotherhood. We overcome many obstacles as a Clan over the years but those who stuck around are true meaning of FRIENDS!! We spend countless hours playing the COD (Call of Duty) series and the GOW (Gears of War) series. We reached a point where we want to take that next step and compete on a larger scale and enter Lan Tournaments. Anyone looking to be apart of this fast growning Clan has to keep one thing in mind and thats the abilty to learn and work together as a team!
  On September 20, 2011 EnaregdGames was formed but let me explain what lead up to EnragedGames, It all started like most gamers i played Navy Seals Socom for playstation 2 which one of my friends introduce me into the online world of gaming from there i was hooked and wanted to be the best. Inorder for that to happen i needed a team so i started recuriting my family at that moment i feel in love with online competition. When Gears of War (GOW) and (COD) Modern Warfare 4 dropped multiplayer started growing fast so i had to form a bigger and better team and expand! So a small group of us came up with T-bag, We took over COD 4 online and we had a lot of members in our crew. Due to the nature of the clan name "T-bag" we wasnt allowed anymore to use that name so around 08' we changed it to DTA (Death To All) and our motto was simple "Kill Them All and Let God Sort Them Out" by that time we had well over 25 members in our clan. Things got a little bit too crazy being that this was my first time running a organized clan without knowing what to do or how to maintain order. Members started letting in guys without my knowledge and the clan started to become a Cancer within and people started to argue and leave. One member started a new branch just to make us look bad and all he did was talk trash with other clans (which was not what we was about) so i decided to leave from there we ran through many other names Until we came up with EG (EnragedGames) 
  The clan was founded by a few individuals by the names of Bishop, Guttz, Chaotic and Clark. We all agreed that this time we will take baby steps and do things differently. We wanted to take it to the next level  and compete on the grandest stage of them all MLG, But before that could happen it was back to the drawning board i didnt want to make the same mistake
twice so i came up with goals and set Milestones. We wanted EG to be more than a Clan
who games together we wanted a brotherhood! We wanted to do something different that i
wasn't being done in some of the other clans we been in and that included things like
Photoshoots, BBQ and group trips etc. We didnt want a group of guys who played online
for years and never hung out. Early 2013 was a very rough time
for us as a clan because of team bickering and it was beginning to look like DTA all 
over again. After a long talk between Bishop and Clark major changes to EG were
made. Systems were put into place so no matter what "EG" grows stronger, No one
member had more power than the others. We were like the Knights of the Round
Table or The Jedi Council. In July we hosted our 1st gaming tournament for NBA 2k14
and had a great turnout. That event helped us meet a ton of gamers and also
connect with our community. Now fast forward to 2015..... "The Year of EG!"
We are here to stay, we came long way and conquered many obstacles. We work very hard play hard and our focus is on high alert! You will be seeing more and more of us as the days, months and years go by just know that we are here! WE.....ARE.....EnragedGames