1. Bishop
    My name is Bishop and I started playing video games like most people at the young age of 12. I started to compete along with my little brother Vision and my god brother Chaos.I join the game cube club tournament when they came to New York and competed for 3 years and came in third place every year :-( and Chaos (My God Brother took home second). Even though I didn't win 1st place,I still had a lot of fun and met a lot of cool people along the way! Something clicked in my head, I wanted to start my own thing....I wanted to bring tournaments to the Big Apple because there are not enough tournaments in NYC. I tried planning tournaments in the past and It’s no easy task. I realized how expensive it cost to do, so i waited and waited until I saved enough money and had the correct resources to
  2. Styles
    Hello fellow gamers. I'm Styles and I've been a part of EG for about 3 years. I started gaming on playstation before I made the switch to Xbox. I joined EG to win championships and be one of the most dominant clans in New York City and the world.
  3. Melo
  4. Intentionz
    Hi I'm Intentionz and I'm apart of the EG I'm 16 years I've been playing games for 7 years and my favorite games are call of duty and gears of war. I joined EG 2 years ago I met them on gears of war and I don't have a second thought about joining this clan the difference between this clan and a lot more is we are like family from the first I met them I they treated me like family I'm glad to be apart of this team!
  1. Chaos
    I'm not your average player. I'm a strategist and strategic player all it take is a few moments to evaluate the other team and figure out their weakness i'm a all round player. Wherever you look, i'm there. I love to bring pain and mayhem to the game i also love sneaking up behind someone and blowing their brains out that's my ninja way.
  2. Clark
    Here is my bio. I have been gaming since the 80's. I have always wanted to take my skills to the next level and now I have the opportunity to do it. My favorite game types are fps, rpg/ strategy and fighting games.
  3. Lagacy
    I been playing game for a long time I started playing Nintendo I was hooked on games from a young age and I'm never going STOP.i always wanted to be pro gamer but things didn't work part cause I never push myself to be one but now im part of a team that wants to make it and I want to make it with them!