EnragedGames is recruiting for COD: Advanced Warfare on XBOX One
New York's Finest  is recruiting for COD: Advanced Warfare and there is no
better time than now to apply to join and be a part of the most
versatile and fastest growing Clan. With COD: Advanced Warfare
approaching 2 months since it's release, EnragedGames is getting flooded with
recruit applications for XBOX One. Recruitment for COD: AW is currently a huge deal for clans as they try to recruit the best gamers from around the world. EG (EnragedGames)  offers many opportunities for both hardcore and casual gamers who are looking for a clan recruiting for COD: Advanced Warfare. Whether you
are a teenager or  in your twenties, thirties there is No age requirement.
Recruits go through a 2 week probation period during which they must
complete a challenges which serves as Our "Formula" and molds
the recruits into team players above anything else. EG emphasizes
teamwork above anything else as it the #1 component needed to build a
strong and efficient successful clan. Without teamwork recruiting for
COD: AW or any other game for that matter would be impossible and not
smart at all.
If you are reading this it's because you are interested in joining a Clan
right? With the rise in Clans being formed on XBOX One, XBOX 360, PS4
and PS3 these days, it is very hard to find a Clan that you can feel
right at home with. So why is it so hard to find a Clan? Well the
reasons are many and very common. Many of the Clans now are
started by gamers who are under the age of 18 and allow gamers under the age of 18 who are very immature or are more interested in hacking,
boosting or just simply causing problems in lobbies for other gamers.
These Clans only last a couple of months and leave a sour taste in the
mouths of anyone who associates themselves with these Clans. As a result of the experience gamers endure while being members of clans like these they become disillusioned and most of the times have a hard time trusting others Clans in the future.
While most of these Clans think they are "beasting" or "kicking ass" in public lobbies by using "noob" tactics such as spawn killing or using glitches or hacks to get a win there are still some very decent and legitimate Clans out there for the mature gamers such as EG (EnragedGames). EG is always looking for new members and only recruits mature gamers. They have been around since 2011 and have managed to outlast many Clans by doing things the right way. They do not allow immaturity, hackers, cheaters or arrogant gamers in the Clan.
Recruiting is not easy because there are so many different things to look for just to find recruits. Many times these recruits are looking for a Clan and are only interested in a single game such as the very popular BF4 or BF3 which offer the most realistic experience when it comes to large scale battles. EG has many members COD (Call of Duty) and is always looking for recruits who are interested in joining an organized Clan.